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Introduction To Our Blog

June 21, 2024

We are pleased to introduce our new Gillespie House Inn blog. In it you will hear about our reflections on what is happening at the inn and in our beautiful community and area. We hope it will take you into our world of hospitality and life in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia and along the magnificent Fundy Shore. We chose the name From the Verandah because this lovely porch is a signature of Gillespie House Inn and it is also the gateway to beautiful scenes and unforgettable experiences.

From the Verandah

As we sit on the Verandah of Gillespie House Inn with a cup of coffee and Komatsu snuggled up beside us, we think of just how blessed we are to have found this beautiful inn and to be embarking on this special adventure with our guests, our team, our family and our Parrsboro and Fundy Shore communities. This porch is truly grand. Grand in structure and in viewpoint.

From it we can see, not only our lovely grounds and gardens, but an entrance to our vibrant downtown. Equally important to the striking sunsets and breathtaking clear, starry nights, is the feel of this place. Parrsboro and area is bursting with creativity and natural beauty. There is an energy, a feeling, that is shared among our citizens but also with our visitors.

There is such beauty, both nature’s, and that which is being created here. This beauty is cascading like a breathtaking waterfall in magical layers and it is the kind that feeds the soul and the spirit!

There is the vibrancy of our Ship’s Company Theatre now in its milestone 40th year, there is the internationally renowned talents of the artists in the tremendous Plein Air Festival, the beautiful creations from our Art Lab, a gallery noted as one of the very best in the Maritimes, the awe of the highest tides in the world, the majesty of our sea cliffs, red sand beaches along the sparkling Bay of Fundy waters and the exhilaration of gems and fossil finds or the mouth watering harvest of Nova Scotia’s bounty. There are events and gatherings happening at every turn and treasures to discover in many nooks and crannies.

We are witnessing and uncovering the gifts and talents of our team and our neighbours every day. From the cranberry white chocolate scone to die for, to the sounds like no other of the tides rushing in, to a perfect craft beer, to the majesty of an eagle flying overhead, to a performance or painting that makes your heart skip a beat, to the scent of the lilacs to irises, there is wonderment and flavour in every day.

We invite you to join us on this unique adventure and to make Parrsboro and the Gillespie House Inn a part of your story. Until next time.


Photo Credits: Nicole Wesley
From the Verandah Blog Editor: Kimberly Dickson